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I have not updated the content on this site in many years, and I don't foresee updating it anytime soon.


About Me

Marcin – meaing warlike or "belonging to Mars". As for pronunciation “MARcheen” usually works. Here is a list of different ways to mispronounce it.

I am originally from Poland via New York, and now I  currently live in New England working as a scientist for Philips Research. I seem to be very occupied with various endeavors including kids, sports (biking, climbing, backpacking, kayaking), tinkering, making art, traveling, etc. I am always look for new challenges whether it is sports, engineering or a good conversation. I like to create and collaborate, especially when cooking.

At the moment , it looks like medical robotics is the best way to describe my professional/academic interests since it (in my opinion) includes the following:
  • Nature/Medicine
  • ElectroMechanical Systems
  • Computer Science & AI
  • Cognitive Science
  • Human-Machine Interaction
You can find more info about me and my previous lab I worked in:

Reading List:

  • Many papers related to my research.