Sept. 2004


JFK Airport -TWA Terminal 5 Art Exhibit
“Here’s Looking at You”.

An art installation that attempts to present the contemporary challenges surrounding surveillance in public spaces. Upon receiving photos from this fully operational photo booth, the user may notice they
were in fact taken from a small surveillance camera in the upper corner of the booth.

Featured in a show at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, Wa. February 2005.

Collaboration with artists Robert de Saint Phalle and Amelia Bauer.

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Sept. 2003


Cooper Product Development Group
( Web Site )

Design of logo (CpdG) and web site for the Product Development program at the Cooper Union.



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April 12, 2002


Cooper Union's Foundation Building Rededication Ceremony

The Foundation Building was rededicated after an extensive, three-year renovation of its brownstone exterior. With collaborator, James Cruickshanks, an arm attachment was designed to to hold scissors on a PeopleBot robot. The robot was programmed and teleoperated to cut the ribbon in the company of elected officials and Cooper Union authorities.

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May-June, 2002


Electromechanical Avatars
( Cooper Union: End of Year Show )

A surveillance theme installation where an ActivMedia PeopleBot and several smaller AmigoBots are programmed for obstacle avoidance in a free-roaming environment. The semi-autonomous PeopleBot was controlled from a remote location in exhibition building. Multiple cameras and monitors were positioned to complement the supervisory nature of the robots.
(Collaboration with James Cruickshanks)

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Aug. 2002


Liberty Science Center Sculpture Models
( Hoberman Associates )

Created 3D model renderings of Hoberman Sculptures for the renovation planning of Liberty Science Center (NJ).



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June 2002


9/11 Memorial Model

Model for Rockaways 9/11 Memorial Sculpture Competition (Queens, NY). Prototype included sun angle calculations for sculpture element used in annual memorial ceremony.

Artist: Bob Sarnoff

(Brass / Wood / Rapid Prototype )

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Aug. - Sept., 2001


Loft Design and Construction

Designed and built an additional level in a 1200 square foot loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Created 3 Bedrooms, Spiral staircase, Swing, etc.

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July 2001


Eva Zeisel Chair

The chair prototype built during an apprenticeship with Eva Zeisel.
(wood, foam, fabric).



March 20-June 10, 2001 - Whitney Museum of American Art ( Artist: Adrianne Wortzel )
Senior Project - Cooper Union

A theatrical telerobotic installation which lived in the Whitney Museum of American Art for the tenure of the exhibition Data Dynamics. Kiru, the robot, interacted both with visitors in the Whitney space and visitors on the web. The robot walked and talked autonomously, except when it was remotely controlled by visitors through the world wide web. Kiru played the role of a "cultural curmudgeon," interacting with visitors and contextualizing the exhibition through its comments on issues of "mapping" physical and virtual space and physical/virtual identity.

Worked on a team under the direction of digital media artist, Adrianne Wortzel.

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