6 DOF Instrumented Linkage
( NYU School of Medicine - MIS Lab )

This device is a 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 Joints) instrumented linkage which is typically used as a Coordinate Measuring Machine. Each joint position is monitored by very precise angular encoder (.005°). The computer driver updates internal arm model at 200Hz and calculates the tip position within 2 mm. The application also includes calibration software with visual interface. Besides using it to measure objects the arm can be used to track tools in real time. A slimmer, lighter model is in the works to be used in a surgical method.
(collaboration with Neal McLaughlin)

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July 2004


Material Removal - 3D Tracking
( NYU School of Medicine - MIS Lab )

Implemented the Marching Cubes algorithm for rendering isosurfaces of volumetric data (voxels). A 3D electromagnetic tracker (miniBird) provided 6 DOF spatial input that was used by the user to "carve" material from a virtual solid. The application has potential for visualizing bone cutting in Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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misGraphics - C++ 3D Graphics Library
( NYU School of Medicine - MIS Lab )

Created a 3D graphics software library based on OpenGL used to build quick prototypes of 3D interactive applications. It combines various libraries to import raster images, 3D STL models as well as sounds.

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Jun-Aug. 2002


Control System for 17' Icosahedron Sculptures
( Hoberman Associates )

Programmed servo motor controllers and touch panel GUI for Hoberman Icosahedron (17'Dia) sculptures. Choreographed set of motion patterns for use by the special effects crew on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' ship.


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Dec. 2001


Dental X-Ray Arm Design
( Cooper Union - Student Team Project )

A prototype of a friction based positioning arm to support a dental X-ray head. The project was sponsored by Air Techniques.

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June - Sept. 1999


Architectural Fixtures
( Fabrikom Systems Inc. )

Design and prototyping of furniture and architectural fixtures.