StudioBlue: Tele-Robotic Theater
( Master's Thesis - Cooper Union )

This work describes the creation of a web interfaced robotic multimedia theater (StudioBlue) with funding from the National Science Foundation (Grant No.DUE 9980873) and the Cooper Union. The project’s goal is to establish a common ground for collaboration between art and engineering that will foster an interdisciplinary learning environment for the creation of theatrical performances where the primary performers are robots and the audience is present virtually through Internet audio/video stream. StudioBlue is a laboratory outfitted with theatrical lights, Chromakey equipment, a turntable stage, and a variety of audio and video production equipment as well as a number of ActivMedia robots.
(Collaboration with James Cruickshanks)

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Robot Control and Communication Interface for the Tele-Robotic Theater.
( Master's Thesis - Cooper Union )

Communication platform created to enhance the interactivity and the programmability of StudioBlue’s robotic actors. The Robot Control and Communication Interface (RCCI) provides a clean and efficient text based robot control interface using the TCP/IP protocol. RCCI was developed in C++ on top of ActivMedia’s robot application programming interface (ARIA). Intuitive text commands control major robot functions via Telnet operation or software with TCP/IP capabilities. RCCI serves as the robot side control interface for James Cruickshanks’ visual robot control software: Graphical Robotic Activity Scripting Platform (GRASP).

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Feb. - July, 2003


Numerical Methods for Predicting Roll Press Powder Compaction Parameters
( L'Ecole Des Mines D'Albi- Carmaux, France )

A study of three different theoretical approaches to rolling compaction modeling. The Johanson model is fully studied with the use of Matlab. Overview of Slab method and ALE finite element method are was also included. A comparison between these models is done to determine the most applicable method for further study.

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Sept.'01 -June'02


Ad Quadratum Illustrations

Illustrations for a book by Professor Jean Le Mee (Chair of Mechanical Engineering at Cooper Union) which is a study of ad quadratum method for generating the platonic polyhedra.


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