Jan 2005 - Present


Computer Assisted Navigation System for Knee Replacement
( NYU School of Medicine - MIS Lab )

Concept study to determine the ease and accuracy of navigating pin placement as a method for slotted cutting guide positioning. The navigation system was comprised of an instrumented linkage with a drill guide attachment and a computer navigation interface. The simplicity of the system was tested and whether the results would be independent of the experience of the operator. (Team Project Sponsored by Zimmer) [patent pending]

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Summer 2005


Computer Navigated Burring System
( NYU School of Medicine - MIS Lab )

A method for performing free-hand bone cuts with a navigated computer-actuated burr. The burr is actuated only when it is located within a pre-designated workspace with respect to the target bone. The burr is tracked using an instrumented linkage and powered by AC motor assembly with 12,000 rpm output. The control application operates at 100Hz to provide quick response required for rapid motor decelaration control.

(collaboration with Michale Sudano)

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Oct. 2003 - Present


Navigated Freehand Cutting in Total Knee Replacement
( NYU School of Medicine - MIS Lab )

Investigated the viability of freehand bone cutting, a technique that utilizes direct visualization from a computer screen to guide the surgeon without conventional jigs or fixtures. Two different tool tracking technologies were implemented: electromagnetic and instrumented linkage. Various navigation interfaces were developed. The instrumented linkage navigation system gave the most accurate and consistent results, with mean angular errors of less than 1.0° and mean deviation from the target height of less than 1.0 mm. (collaboration with Rachel Forman)

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Aug. 2004


Intramedulary Rod Design
( NYU School of Medicine - MIS Lab )

Design of flexible and modular intramedulary rod for knee replacement surgery. Reduces canal damage, and is more accurate in determining mechanical axis of the femur.

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May 2001


Knee Replacement Cutting Guide
( Cooper Union - Team Design Project )

Designed a new approach to preparing articular surfaces for knee replacement using a key replication concept and burrs.

(Guided by Dr. Peter Walker)